Is it possible to remain in the house while the work is done?

It really depends on the scope of work. Many of our clients are happy to take the opportunity to have a holiday or break while some of the major work is being done (it can be messy!) and return to a beautifully renovated space afterwards.

Will I need council permission for the work?

Most interior work won’t need permits from local authorities, but the majority of exterior work, such as carports, pergolas and decks, might need approval. Talk to us about your local council regulations and we can advise you on the best course of action.

How long will the work take?

This really depends on the scope of work to be done. Many minor kitchen and bathroom renovations will only take about four weeks, but some will take a little longer. Chat to us at the site meeting about the size of the project and we can advise on a likely time frame.

Is it better to extend out the back or add another storey?

In many outer Melbourne suburbs, extending out the back or side of an existing house is more affordable and less disruptive to the family. Adding a second storey sometimes will involve additional structural work and is usually a lot more expensive. Our team can give you advice and costings on your options.

Can we change our mind on fixtures after work starts?

The short answer is yes, you can, but it might affect the cost and timeframe of the project. We find the best approach is to thoroughly discuss the project before work starts and make sure everyone is happy with the details and fittings chosen, which saves headaches during the build. Of course, we will always try and accommodate our customer’s wishes, if something changes along the way.

Do we need to sign a contract before work starts?

Yes, a contract helps to make the process transparent and professional for all parties. We use industry standard contracts with all our renovation and carpentry work.